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F20/L20 Transport Dollies

For moving large loads through tight spaces.


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179 lbs. / 81 kg

Load Capacity

44,000 lbs (20 t) 200 Kn

Loading height / number of wheels (140 x 85 mm)

7.1" / 8
180 mm / 8

Contact Surface / Cassette

11.2 x 8.7" (280 x 220 mm)

Connecting Bar, Adjustable

17.3 – 63" (440 – 1600 mm)

Overall dimensions (L x W)

11 x 63" / 280 x 1600 mm

Additional information


375 lbs (170 kg)

Load Capacity

44,000 lbs (20 t) 200 Kn

Loading height / number of wheels (140 x 85 mm)

7.1" / 8
180 mm / 8

Swivel Plate / Steering Angle

∅ 9.8" (250 mm) / ± 90°

Steering Handlebar

63.8" (1620 mm)

Overall dimensions (L x W)

31.5 x 9.4" / 800 x 747 mm

Key Features

  • Low loading height (7.1″)
  • Connecting bar with joint to accommodate for uneven surfaces
  • Width is adjustable based on the load
  • Durable, non-marking rollers
  • 5 year warranty

Competitive Edge

  • Thick, grooved rubber pads to prevent load slippage
  • Simplified Design—less parts, less problems
  • Next day lead time

A dolly that can adapt to any situation and carry weight up to 44,000 pounds (20 metric tons), the F20 Transport Dolly from GKS-PERFEKT is a must-have component for accommodating multiple shop, warehouse, and industrial needs.

The F20 is a no-scuff, hassle-free, adjustable transportation device that becomes part of a three-point moving system when paired with the L20 Transport Dolly. Combined with the L20, this three-point moving system evenly distributes weight up to 88,000 pounds (40 metric tons) for sturdy and reliable movement.

The F20 is built with adjustable connecting bar that offers a range of widths, from 17.3 inches to 63 inches, and the ability to transport heavy loads over uneven surfaces. When accompanying the L20 steerable dolly, the F20’s customizable width creates an adaptable and versatile transport to meet your unique needs.

The F20 features a loading height of 7.1 inches (180 mm), which makes it interchangeable with the GKS-PERFEKT L30L40, and L60 dollies. The F20 can also be coupled with the TL20 and TL40 tandem dollies to create a four-point moving system for supplemental support and strength.

Like all GKS dollies, each F20 dolly shipped is tested and approved at our factory and carries a five-year limited warranty that ensures it meets the highest standards for excellence and quality.

If you would like more information about the F20 Transport Dolly, call our experienced team members at (937) 324-8867. Our team of experts can help you craft the load-moving system you need for your business.

GKS-Perfekt Transport Dolly L20

Steerable dolly for the transport of loads up to 44,000 lbs. / 20 t.

Loading height 7.1" / 180 mm.

Rollers are seated in swiveling cassettes in order to compensate uneven floors.

Standard use as a 3-point-system in combination with the width-adjustable dolly F20 (item # 11060) up to max. 88,000 lbs. / 40 t load capacity.

Rollers do not mark floors.

Due to the same loading height interchangeable with GKS-Perfekt dollies F30/F40/F60 (item # 11992/11770/10226).

Replacement roller: item # 10022.



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