Hydraulic Toe Jacks

Move heavy loads with ease with hydraulic toe jacks built to last.


Selecting the right industrial toe jack is crucial for ensuring smooth, safe operation for years to come. GKS hydraulic toe jacks are available in a range of weight capacities from 5 to 30 tons. How heavy are the objects you’re lifting? Are there ever outliers? Will you be operating indoors or outdoors? All of these questions are important to consider in order to select the right industrial toe jack for your needs.

Indoor and Outdoor Moving

V-Series hydraulic toe jacks can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Integrated wheels allow for quick and painless transporting of your hydraulic toe jack saving you both time – and pain. 

Lifting in Tight Spaces

Every heavy duty toe jack from GKS is designed to make lifting in tight spaces as simple as possible. Even as load capacities increase in weight, our toe jacks remain easy to operate in tight spaces. GKS ensures that every single part of the jack, from the main body to the wheels, supports ease of use.


Hydraulic toe jacks from GKS can be used for a variety of applications. Wherever you need a heavy load lifted, GKS has the equipment you need. Applications range from the lifting of cargo, industrial machinery, shipyard equipment, rigging, and heavy bridge and plant construction items. Hydraulic toe jacks can also be used in emergency situations where heavy loads must be lifted quickly and safely.

Load Capacity

GKS makes quality, German-engineered hydraulic toe jacks for capacities ranging from five to thirty tons. Whatever you need to lift, GKS has a toe jack that can handle the weight. Filter by weight to find the toe jack you need to get the job done.

5 Ton Hydraulic Jack

Toe jacks with five ton weight capacities are perfect for smaller, more compact moving tasks. Use toe jacks to swiftly and easily lift in tight spaces without the need for intense manual labor.

6 Ton Hydraulic Jack

The U6 hydraulic six ton toe jacks are designed to be operated horizontally or vertically. This allows you to perform lifts in any situation without worrying about spilling hydraulic fluid from your jack. 

10 Ton Hydraulic Jack

With durable construction and intelligent, intuitive designs, ten ton capacity toe jacks from GKS are the best choice for lifting medium sized loads with ease. Ten ton capacity is also a great option for operations that need a versatile jack for both small and medium loads.

15 Ton Hydraulic Jack

Need a hydraulic toe jack that can handle even more weight? Fifteen ton capacity toe jacks from GKS are sleek and easy to maneuver, but heavy duty enough to lift heavy loads. You can count on German engineering to make lifting even large loads manageable. 

20 Ton Hydraulic Jack

GKS hydraulic toe jacks with load capacities of twenty tons are excellent for large moving jobs. Easy to operate with a streamlined, simplified design makes lifting large objects and equipment easier than ever.

30 Ton Hydraulic Jack

Large moving jobs still require a simple and effective lifting solution. Thirty ton capacity toe jacks from GKS are compatible with hydraulic pumps, ensuring safe and simple operation.

Safety Standards

GKS equipment meets DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing standards. This means every hydraulic toe jack is thoroughly tested and inspected for quality assurance. We stand behind the quality and safety standards of every product.

To protect the safety of your workers, be sure to follow best practices for jack operation. Never expose any part of your body below the heavy object being handled with the toe jack. When a heavy object needs to be elevated, it is important to use trestles, sleepers, and blocks beneath the object to keep it stable. And of course, never use a professional toe jack with a load that is over its maximum specified capacity.

If you notice any potentially hazardous problems with your toe jack, like oil leaking, toe deformation, or problems moving the toe jack up and down, GKS customer service will work with you to solve the problem within the extensive warranty that comes with every GKS product. 


For all of your precision and heavy load lifting needs, GKS has you covered. Our hydraulic toe jacks are manufactured to fulfill the need for safe and hassle-free moving solutions, backed by comprehensive technical support to keep your operations moving.

Every heavy duty toe jack that leaves our factory has been certified to pass a thorough testing and approval process. As a hydraulic toe jack supplier, GKS is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company that follows state-of-the-art production methods to ensure high-quality and consistency for our customers. 

Not sure which hydraulic jack is the best fit for your application? Reach out to us today for expert guidance.

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