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PE2 Electric Pump


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Weight50 lbs
Max. working pressure

7,542 psi / 520 bar

Flow rate stage 1 per lift

0.67 gal/min @ 102 psi 2.5 ltr/min @ 7bar

Flow rate stage 2 per lift

0.08 gal/min @ 7,542 psi 0.3 ltr/min @ 520 bar

Tank Capacity

1.27 gal /4.81

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)

17.1 x 11.7 x 19.4" (434 x 296 x 493 mm)

Tare weight incl. oil fill (without hoses)

77 lbs / 35 kg

Hydraulic hoses (10" /3m) - with quick-release fastener

2 hoses

For GKS toe jack models

2x V5, V5-EX, V10, V10-EX, V15, V15-EX, V15-EX-270, V20, V20-EX, V30-EX, G5, G10

Electric connection

120 V/60 Hz

Key Features

  • Allows for lifting 2 of any of our hydraulic toe jacks simultaneously
  • The hydraulic pressure is adjustable per jack, allowing for easier lifting of uneven loads
  • User can keep a safe distance from the load, reducing potential liability
  • No manual effort involved

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