Electric hydraulic pumps and hydraulic hand pumps from GKS support your crew to make lifting large, industrial objects hassle-free.


If you frequently move large industrial objects, you need a hydraulic lifting pump you can rely on to make synchronous lifting a simple, headache-free task. Lifting and moving heavy loads can be taxing for workers and create safety hazards if done without the proper equipment, underscoring the importance of having the right tools for the job.

Here at GKS, we offer the highest-quality pumps to ensure smooth operation of our heavy duty jacks as part of your industrial moving applications.

Which pump is best for your application? The answer depends on the kind of lifting you perform, your budget and other factors unique to your operation. GKS offers both hand and electric hydraulic pumps, so you can choose the best type of pump for your needs. Whether you need a pallet jack hydraulic pump on a loading dock or a hand pump to move machinery at a remote location, we have the solution for you. All of our pumps are built to the same strict standards and engineered to last for years to come – meaning you can rely on them to do their job and help you do yours.

Hand Pumps

Hydraulic jacks with hand pumps are typically the simplest, most economical option. They are ideal for occasional use of small to medium-sized hydraulic jacks used in smaller applications. Hand pumps are also useful in remote locations where electric power is not available.

The manual nature of hand pumps is also an important safeguard in clean rooms and other sensitive manufacturing. Using an external pump, such as a hand pump, also allows you to use multiple jacks at the same time with just one operator. You can also pump the load from a safer distance, further reducing the potential for injury when that single operator is working on a project without help nearby.

GKS hand pumps are durable, easy to transport and up to the task in the most remote, rugged applications. If your work takes you off the main roads and into the back country and you need to lift and move large loads without the assistance of electrical power or a large team to support you, then our pumps will be your new best friend.

Electric Pumps

Electric hydraulic pumps are more common in operations that regularly lift and move heavy, large machinery, shipments and tools. When selecting an electric hydraulic lifting pump, three important factors to consider are size, reservoir capacity and valving. Electric pumps are also available in different manifold options that allow for the redirecting of hydraulic pressure between jacks. Single-piece manifolds contain all valves and passages in the same block, while modular designs feature one valve – and the needed passages for that one valve – in a block.

Regardless of manifold configuration, hydraulic electric pumps remove the manual labor from lifting and facilitate faster, less physically demanding moves. That means your employees will accomplish more with less pounding on their bodies, improving workplace efficiency and morale at the same time. Investing in a high-quality hydraulic lifting pump now will pay off long-term and the end result will be a more profitable, sustainable business.

Choosing the Right Pump

So, which GKS manual or electric hydraulic pump is best for your company? To answer that question, consider how often you use a hydraulic pump for lifting heavy loads, your budget and your access to electric power sources when making your decision.

Pumps are an essential part of any hydraulic synchronous lift system and they help you cut back on manual labor and keep your operation running smoothly. They’re an essential lifting and moving tool for both small, medium and large businesses that regularly move heavy loads. For hydraulic electric pumps you can rely on to get the job done quickly and efficiently every single time, count on GKS.

For additional support in choosing the right hydraulic lifting pump and other tools to keep your operation lifting, moving and growing, give our Springfield, Ohio-based customer support team a call. We’re happy to discuss the needs of your application, any specific criteria your lifting efforts require and which pump is the right fit for you.


Since 1967, GKS industrial moving solutions have supported every industry where large objects need to be moved. Manufacturing, rigging, aviation, millwrighting, machine shops and more all run more smoothly with the quality German engineering and responsive customer support they receive from GKS and our Springfield, Ohio-based team.

Ready to invest in an electric hydraulic pump or hand pump for your operation’s synchronous lifting system? Contact GKS to talk to our experts about the products you need to succeed and how our pumps can help lift your business to a new level of success.