Container Dollies

Ensure smooth and secure transportation with the right shipping container moving dolly for your operations. GKS container dollies offer a reliable solution for moving ISO containers with precision and convenience while mitigating risks associated with handling heavy loads.

What Are Container Dollies?

Container dollies are specialized dollies made for safely transporting intermodal and shipping containers around a facility, such as a port or warehouse.

A container dolly consists of two main parts:

  1. Tandem Lead (TL) Dolly: Serving as the “front,” the TL dolly features a handlebar, towing eye, and swivel plates for smooth steering. It’s compatible with various towing vehicles and can be manually operated if the container is empty.
  2. Following (F) Dolly: Positioned at the “back,” the F dolly is structurally simpler, generally composed of two wheeled platforms and a connecting bar.

A two-part container dolly system offers incredible stability by placing wheeled support under all four corners of a container. This is especially valuable for uneven loads, since it eliminates the risk of rocking.

Uses & Applications of GKS Industrial Container Dollies

Container dollies are fantastic for transporting shipping containers into, out of, and around facilities, such as warehouses. This is the primary use for container dollies.

In some very specific contexts, shipping container dollies can also perform the role of chassis. This is especially critical during equipment shortages. For example, a container dolly can be used to move shipping containers from crane to crane. This is much safer and easier than using multiple forklifts. And while a container dolly is not appropriate for use on the open road, container dollies are a safe option for transporting containers around a facility, which frees up chassis for other tasks.

Container dollies can also be valuable during labor shortages or when a facility is short-staffed. Manual container transportation methods may require many people to perform safely. But once a container is safely mounted on a container dolly, only one person is needed to operate the forklift or other towing equipment. This allows the whole team to be more efficient and get more done with fewer people on site.

Benefits of GKS Dollies

GKS industrial container dollies are the product of cutting-edge German engineering and designed to include several key features that other products don’t offer.

GKS container dollies boast several unique features, including:

  1. Secure Cone Fittings: Designed to fit precisely into the sturdy openings at each corner of shipping containers, these fittings ensure a secure connection, eliminating the risk of sliding during transportation.
  2. Actuating Support: Some GKS F dollies feature actuating support, allowing both sets of wheels to maintain contact with the floor, even on uneven surfaces. This feature enhances stability and safety while navigating obstacles.
  3. Indoor-Outdoor Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on solid surfaces like concrete or asphalt, GKS container dollies feature durable rollers that leave no marks or scuffs.

Shipping containers are made with sturdy openings at each corner, on the underside of the container. GKS container dollies are made with specialized cone fittings designed to fit perfectly into these openings. The cone fittings are then twisted to lock the container in place on the dolly, creating a highly secure connection at each corner of the container. This allows for safer and steadier transportation around the facility and eliminates the risk of the container sliding off the dolly while in motion.

Some GKS F dollies are designed with another special feature: actuating support. The connecting bar between the following skates is not a single, solid bar, but rather two bars joined by a specially engineered bracket, which allows the bar to bend and flex. As a result, both sets of wheels on the F dolly can maintain contact with the floor, even if the surface is uneven. The actuating support provided by the F dolly’s connecting bar makes it much easier and safer for the container dolly to navigate bumps, potholes, and other obstacles that may temporarily place the different corners of the dolly at different heights.

Some dollies can only be used indoors or outdoors. GKS container dollies are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. As long as the container dolly is traveling on a solid surface, such as concrete, asphalt, or metal, it can travel from the indoors to the outdoors and back without issue. Plus, GKS container dollies are made with durable rollers that don’t leave unsightly marks or scuffs on floors or surfaces.

Shipping Transport Solutions with GKS

GKS is dedicated to creating reliable lifting and moving solutions for a wide variety of applications and environments. Countless industries and companies trust GKS products to ensure smooth operations and secure transportation of heavy loads.

GKS offers three capacities of container dollies:

  • F6-C/TL6-C: Carrying capacity of 6 tons (13,200 pounds).
  • F12-C/TL12-C: Carrying capacity of 12 tons (26,400 pounds).
  • F20–C/TL20-C: Carrying capacity of 20 tons (44,000 pounds).

GKS container dollies are highly compatible with GKS toe jacks, which are used to lift containers so they can be safely mounted onto a dolly.

Every single GKS container dolly is individually tested for quality and function and comes with a five-year warranty. Our U.S.-based customer support team is always available to answer questions and help you decide which container dolly is right for your needs.