Battery-powered dollies from GKS take the chore out of moving large industrial objects like CNC machines, milling machines and more.

Robot Dolly Systems

If you move large industrial objects all day, you need a moving system you can count on to get the job done. Here at GKS, we employ the toughest German engineering standards to create workhorse motorized dollies that support your long-term needs.

What kind of robot motorized dolly system is best for your business? The answer will depend on factors unique to your work, from the turning radius you need to the frequency of use and weight of objects you move. GKS offers motorized dollies that can fit a wide range of needs. Robots are also available for renting. If you have a one-time or short-term moving task that requires motorized rollers, save money by renting one of our high quality robots.

Motorized dollies from GKS are able to carry extra weight, which makes them a great choice for carrying especially heavy equipment. With the help of a quality jack, you can move extremely heavy objects from point A to point B without exhausting your crew. Plus, with responsive controls and smart steering, it is simpler than ever to direct our motorized dollies where you need them to go. No headache, no hassle—just an efficient operation and well-motivated employees.

GKS Quality

Since 1967, GKS moving solutions have supported every industry where large objects need to be moved. Manufacturing, rigging, aviation, millwrighting, machine shops and more all run more smoothly with quality German engineering and customer support in Springfield, Ohio from GKS.

Ready to invest in a motorized dolly system for your operation? Looking to rent a motorized dolly for a project? Contact GKS to talk to our experts about the products you need to succeed.