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F12 Transport Dolly

  • Low loading height (4.3″)
  • Connecting bar with joint to accommodate for uneven surfaces
  • Width is adjustable based on the load
  • Durable, non-marking rollers
  • 5 year warranty


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121 lbs (55kg)

Load Capacity

26,400 lbs (12 t) 120kN

Loading height / number of wheels (85 x 85 mm)

4.3" / 16
110 mm / 16

Contact Surface / Cassette

7.9 x 16" (200 x 407 mm)

Connecting Bar, Adjustable

39.9 – 56.3" (1014 – 1430 mm)

Overall dimensions (L x W)

7.9 x 56.3" / 200 x 1430 mm

Key Features

  • Thick, grooved rubber pads to prevent load slippage
  • Simplified Design—less parts, less problems
  • Next day lead time

Competitive Edge


The F12 Transport Dolly from GKS-Perfekt is designed to work as part of a stable, three-point moving system that helps facilitate heavy-load moving in manufacturing facilities, shops, and warehouses.

This mid-size dolly can transport loads up to 26,400 lbs (12 metric tons) and has a fixed loading height of 4.3” (110 mm). The F12 dolly is a straight-line dolly, serving as the stable rear axle of a three-part moving system. When used in combination with other transport dollies like steerable L-Dollies, other F-Dollies, rotating RL Dollies and steerable Tandem TL Dollies at the same loading height, it can transport up to 52,800 lbs (24 metric tons). A nickel-plated version is available for use in clean rooms in industries like food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

GKS dollies ride on special rollers that provide low resistance and high stability so that, regardless of the flooring type in your facility, your floors will not be marked or scuffed. The F12 features an adjustable width for better weight distribution loads, as well as a connection bar with joints that compensate for uneven floors.

All GKS-Perfekt products come with a five-year limited warranty and have been tested before delivery to meet our high standards of quality and performance.

If you are interested in the F12 transport dolly from GKS-Perfekt and would like more information, request a quote or call 937-324-8867 to speak with an experienced team member.

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