A Robot Revolution: The GKS Robot Transportation System

V-Series Jacks

Models from 5-20 tons
Our most popular jack choice for factory, workshop, rigging and maintenance operators. Opt for hassle-free, safe lifting with the V-Series toe jacks from GKS-PERFEKT. V-Series jacks are well-suited for lifting heavy equipment indoors and outdoors – in factories, on shop floors, assembly lines and more. Choose from V5V10V15 and V20, depending on your lifting needs.

All V-Series toe jacks are equipped with a forged safety toe and integrated hydraulic pump to allow for operation either manually or with a hydraulic external pump. The adjustable toe on the jack allows you to get the maximum stroke of the jack without having to block the load. The largest of the V-Series, our V20 model, provides a lifting height of 6.3 inches for up to 20 ton loads. This substantial lift provides enough ground clearance to enable easy transport in physical spaces with significant obstacles in its path. V20 requires a minimum clearance of 1.2 inches from the ground for the toe and a maximum of 6.7 inches.

EX-Series Jacks

Models from 5-30 tons
Need to move heavy equipment, but dealing with a tight space? EX-Series toe jacks are skinnier than our other jacks and provide ease of use in even the most confined spaces. By enabling easy use in difficult to access areas, they allow you to keep a safe distance when lifting machinery. EX-Series toe jacks include V5-EXV10-EXV15-EX, and V30-EX.

All EX-Series jacks are equipped with a safety valve for overload protection, a forged steel safety toe and require an external hydraulic pump. For the big jobs, we’ve got you covered with our EX-Series V30-EX toe jack – suited for up to 30 ton lifts. The V30-EX can provide an added clearance of 6.1 inches for lifting and transport of the heaviest of loads. With a slightly higher toe than the other EX-Series toe jacks at 1.6 inches, the thicker toe allows you to lift extremely heavy loads that are too big for other toe jacks. All EX-Series jacks are equipped with a forged steel safety toe and require an external hydraulic pump.

G-Series Jacks

Models from 5-10 tons
For the lifting of forklift, GKS-PERFEKT offers two hydraulic forklift jacks – G5 and G10. These jacks feature an extended foot and three lift-toe positions which provide operators the stability they need for lifting forklifts and other industrial vehicles in factories and manufacturing facilities with ease.

What’s the weight of your lifting or transport job? If your trucks or vehicles weigh in at under 5 tons, the G5 toe jack is well-suited for the task. G5 features a lifting height of 5.5 inches and a toe height just over an inch – giving it the ability to lift objects with a minimum of 1.2 inches and a maximum 6.4 inches of ground clearance. If you have a job that’s up to 10 tons, G10 is built for the job. G10 also features a lifting height of 5.5 inches and a toe height just over an inch, but the maximum ground clearance is slightly higher than the G5 at 6.9 inches. Both models feature an integrated hydraulic pump.

U-Series Jacks

Up to 6 tons
The U6 Universal Jack from GKS-PERFEKT is an all-purpose jack that is ideal for lifting heavy machinery and jacking machines away from walls. With a rotating top lift with toe, this jack can be used for vertical and horizontal lifting of up to 6 tons. This universal hydraulic lifting device features an integrated hydraulic pump, is compact in size and has a low weight. These features allow for maximum versatility and maneuverability which make the U6 ideal for use in remote areas.

Common applications for U6 include rigging, heavy hauling, and as truck lifting for maintenance of lift trucks or similar vehicles. Lift objects up to 4.5 inches off the ground for hassle-free maneuverability. All you need to get your job done is a minimum of 0.7 inches clearance.

GKS Perfekt Hydraulic Toe Jacks

Don’t sacrifice quality and precision to get your heavy lifting jobs done hassle-free. GKS-PERFEKT only uses high-grade forged steel material to manufacture our hydraulic toe jacks – making them 30% stronger than cast steel jacks. For clean room applications, nickel plating can be done on any of our jacks.

To guarantee high-quality lifting solutions for our customers, we perform thorough quality testing to ensure exceptional functionality and consistency. Every jack is certified with a test certificate and comes with a 5 year warranty. Designed for precision lifting, hassle-free handling, and easy maintenance/repair with high safety margins, we also offer Lifetime technical support for our high-quality joe jacks.

Learn more about our selection of toe jacks to find the one that’s perfect for the specifics of your job. Ready to make a decision now, or in need of expert guidance? We’re here to help! Contact GKS-PERFEKT today. 

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