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V15 Hydraulic Toe Jack

For lifting heavy loads safely and securely


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Additional information

Weight117 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 8.4 × 9.9 in
Load Capacity

33,000 lbs (15 t) 150 kN

Working Pressure

7,542 psi (520 bar)

Lifting Positions


Loading Position 1

1" (25mm)

Loading Position 2

2.1" (52mm)

Loading Position 3

4" (102mm)

Loading Position 4

6" (152mm)

Lifting From Head

12.2" (310mm)

Lifting height

6.3" (160 mm)

Top Plate LxW

3.6 x 3.3" (95 x 88 mm)

Loading Height

Top Plate 12.5" (318 mm)

Weight with oil

117 lbs. / 53 kg

Key Features

  • Forged, steel safety toe; which is more durable than cast steel
  • Same capacity on the toe and the head
  • Ability to operate with the manual lift or a hydraulic pump
  • 5-year warranty

Competitive Edge

  • The original adjustable toe jack
  • Simplified Design—less parts means less problems
  • Next day lead time
  • Non slip friction pad on the head of the jack
  • Jack refurbishment services available

How to use GKS hydraulic toe jack

Why buy a GKS hydraulic toe jack?

Factories and workshops with heavy lifting needs require extremely sturdy, heavy-duty floor jacks. The 15-ton (33,000lbs.) capacity GKS-PERFEKT V15 Toe Jack is built to meet those needs.

GKS-PERFEKT designed the V15 as an extremely sturdy, easy-to-operate, indoor and outdoor floor jack that can handle a full 15-ton (33,000lbs.) load on both the toe and top plate. Self-contained, the V15 features a minimum load height of just 25 millimeters (1in.), wheels that facilitate easy rolling, and a lifting capacity that can be doubled when operated in tandem with a second hydraulic toe jack using an external GKS PV Hand Pump.

Available in a nickel-plated version for use in clean rooms, the GKS-PERFEKT V15 toe jack is designed to handle jobs in factories, on shop floors, for assembly lines and even at remote locations.

The GKS-PERFEKT V15 toe jack is manufactured to high safety standards. It includes a release valve that lowers loads precisely and carefully, plus a safety valve for overload protection. Additionally, the V15 is built with a one-piece, height-adjustable safety toe.

All GKS-PERFEKT toe jacks are quality built and made from high-grade materials, include precision guide-ways and are ready to use when they arrive on site. The V15 toe jack also incorporates a modular design that facilitates easy service, and comes with a five-year limited warranty, plus lifetime technical support. To assure optimal functionality and appearance, 100 percent of our heavy-duty jacks pass a thorough testing and approval process before leaving the factory. Every jack must meet Testmark BGV D8 (Germany) and ANSI/ASME (USA) standards.

For more information on GKS-PERFEKT hydraulic toe jacks, request a quote or call 937.324.8867.


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