Partnership for Better Industrial Performance

No matter the industry, we all rely on partnerships.  Industrial industries are a great example of companies, partners, suppliers, service providers, and manufacturers relying on each other to create longevity, sustainability, and access to products and services.

We take pride in partnering with a wide variety of industrial-based companies.  This includes riggers working on industrial sites and projects, construction companies, manufacturers creating equipment and products, suppliers, distributors, and even distribution and freight.  Our products are streamlined but versatile to provide lifting and moving solutions throughout numerous industries and sub-industries.  

Moving multi-ton machinery or equipment requires safety, planning, and trust.  We provide front-end project partnerships to ensure our customers have the right information and choose the right products for their needs.  We discuss challenges, barriers, safety concerns, manpower availability, future business goals, and equipment needs, and flexibility to ensure we can see the full customer picture. From our origins in Germany through our nearly 20-year presence in the North, Central, and South American markets, we’ve been committed to forging mutually beneficial partnerships that help grow our company and yours.

Who does the heavy lifting in your organization?  We work with operations managers, site superintendents, C-suite execs, crane operators, manufacturing managers and machinists, millwrights, buyers, master riggers, and many more.  It is important for us to understand the viewpoint and needs of a multitude of positions, leadership roles, and hands-on technicians to ensure our customized solutions work for everyone. 


Warehousing and Distribution

Moving heavy equipment and inventory safely and effectively is the cornerstone of warehousing and distribution success.  Whether you are in the business of storing and shipping large equipment, bulky supplies and parts, or large palletized goods, you rely on material handling equipment which may include multi-ton moving equipment.  GKS dollies can help with the movement of difficult loads and can navigate thresholds, dock transitions, and less-than-pristine floors.  GKS dollies can also replace forklift eliminating emissions.

Large Event Management

Extremely large events like trade shows and other industry expos occur all over the world monthly.  These events bring thousands of exhibitors to one place but those exhibitors require their equipment and machinery to be in place when they are ready for set up.  Event staff need more than just manual labor to move a variety of equipment.  At times, even forklifts and cranes may not be a good fit due to space restrictions, tight turns, or installation barriers.  GKS hydraulic jacks and dollies can assist with all of those challenges.


The manufacturing industry understands industrial partnerships more than anyone.  They rely on a variety of supply chains, the use of new equipment and machinery, distribution, and numerous other service provides to create their end products.  GKS hydraulic jacks and dollies can assist with machinery installation, rearranging production machinery or equipment, gaps in crane or forklift availability, and can even eliminate forklifts to reduce emissions.

How GKS Helps Businesses Solve Problems

Still on the fence about how industrial collaboration with GKS can help your business run more smoothly, efficiently and effectively? We get it. You make a lot of decisions every day, and choosing the right heavy machine moving equipment for your team is a big one. 

Start by checking out this Case Study in Meeting an Industrial Moving Challenge to gain insight into how GKS does more than just sell heavy moving equipment. It illustrates how we leverage our deep experience and innovative problem-solving skills to develop strategies for relocating a delicate and heavy wire bonding machine.

Then look into the many ways GKS offers support after your heavy moving equipment purchase. Our U.S.-based customer service means you’ll always be able to reach an actual human being when you have questions. Plus, you can easily access equipment manuals, how-to videos, replacement parts, warranty information and more.

Ready to level up your industrial performance by partnering with GKS? Contact us today to give your business a lift!

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