Industrial Lifting Solutions: Forklift Jacks vs Hydraulic Jacks

Types of Industrial Jacks

Did you know there are multiple types of industrial lifting jacks? Two common types include forklift jacks and hydraulic toe jacks. Many heavy-duty jacks have a lot in common, but understanding the differences between each type is key to choosing the right jack for your application.

Hydraulic Toe Jacks

Hydraulic toe jacks are designed and manufactured for a wide range of lifting applications, including pallets, heavy equipment, shipping containers, and more. Hydraulic toe jacks are often used as part of a larger lifting system: The jack is used to lift the load so a dolly or skate can be placed underneath it and the load can be moved from one location to another. Hydraulic toe jacks can lift up to 20 tons. Models that use external hydraulics can lift up to 30 tons.

Because hydraulic toe jacks are used for such a wide range of lifting applications, they’re designed to be versatile and work with unusual loads. These jacks have thin toes that swivel, so they can fit underneath virtually any load, even one with very little ground clearance.

Forklift Jacks

Forklift jacks are designed to lift forklifts and other industrial vehicles for maintenance and repair purposes. These jacks are rugged and durable, with some models capable of lifting loads up to ten tons.

The way forklifts themselves are designed, there is always ample space to fit the toe of a forklift jack underneath, so forklift jack feet are fixed in place and don’t swivel. The fixed feet translate to excellent stability. Additionally, forklift jack toes and feet are longer, to give the jack more leverage underneath the forklift.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Jack

When choosing the right industrial lifting jack for your application, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure you select a jack that will meet your needs.

Load Capacity

The loading capacity for an industrial lifting jack can range from five to thirty tons, depending on the type of jack you choose and whether it utilizes the additional lifting force of external hydraulics. It’s critical to choose a heavy-duty jack that’s built for your desired load capacity and beyond: An overlarge load can damage the jack and put workers at risk.

Objects Being Moved

Different types of industrial lifting jacks are designed to perform different functions and support different types of loads. For example, a forklift jack will be missing some of the features you need to lift irregular loads. Choose your jack based on what sort of load you plan to use it for.

Lifting Height

There are two height metrics to consider when choosing the right industrial lifting jack:

  1. The height to which the load must be lifted. For loads that sit low, a jack with thin, adjustable toes that swivel can be a real advantage.
  2. The distance between the load and the ground. Do you need to lift the load high enough to make room for maintenance activities, or do you just need enough clearance to slide a dolly or skate underneath it?

Pay close attention to both lifting height and loading height when choosing your industrial lifting jack. A single inch can make all the difference.

Industrial Lifting Solutions From GKS

GKS is proud to manufacture industrial lifting jacks that leverage German engineering for superior performance, endurance, and reliability. Our hydraulic toe jacks and forklift jacks are made with premium materials, and every single unit undergoes extensive testing before it leaves our facility. We offer a five-year warranty on every jack, and our customer service team, based in the American heartland, is always available to answer questions and arrange for replacement parts if the need arises.

Our industrial lifting experts can answer your questions about the different types of jacks and help you choose the best industrial lifting jack for your needs. To discuss your options, talk to a member of our team >


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