Advantages of Using External Hydraulics With Industrial Jacks

What Are External Hydraulics?

In simple terms, external hydraulics are hydraulic pumps that exist outside of the device they are powering, such as an industrial toe jack. The device in question is built without its own internal hydraulic system—often to minimize size and weight—and relies on external hydraulics for power.

External hydraulics may also be used to power an industrial toe jack or other device that can also be operated via manpower alone. This cuts down on manual labor and minimizes strain on workers’ bodies, which can translate to greater efficiency in the workplace. Additionally, external hydraulics can usually lift much heavier loads than manpower alone, which also boosts efficiency and output.

External hydraulics are generally operated with push buttons or hand levers, making them fairly easy to use. These controls may also allow for greater precision in operation, which can be beneficial in some applications. For example, using an external hydraulic pump to power a tow jack may allow for more exacting control over the lifting height of the load.

Advantages of Using External & Auxiliary Hydraulics

There are a few key advantages of choosing external hydraulics over manual or other power systems.

Even Weight Distribution

Using an external hydraulic pump allows for more even distribution of weight when lifting a load with an industrial toe jack. The pump delivers the same level of force each time it’s engaged, which is extremely difficult for a human operator attempting to maintain consistent strength while using a manual pump. External hydraulics allow for steadier movements and smoother operation of the industrial toe jack or other device.

Easier to Maintain

External hydraulics are easier to maintain than many other options on the market. This is partially due to the fact that hydraulic systems are, in general, more durable than mechanical or electronic systems. Hydraulic systems are usually fairly simple compared to other systems, with fewer moving parts, which translates to easier maintenance and less frequent repairs.

Additionally, external hydraulics can undergo maintenance and repairs without taking any other devices offline. An industrial toe jack or other tool can be powered manually or via a different external system while the original hydraulic pump is being repaired, which can lead to fewer disruptions in the workplace.

Compatible With a Variety of Work Environments

External hydraulics offer several advantages that make them compatible with a wide variety of work environments.

First, devices powered by external hydraulics are generally smaller and lighter than devices with their own internal hydraulics. As a result, these devices can be operated in smaller, more confined spaces, making them more useful than a bulkier device that requires a larger footprint. Plus, smaller devices can be moved from place to place more easily, which is convenient for busy teams.

There are other benefits associated with the perks of hydraulic systems in general. External hydraulics are great for hot environments since they generate very little of their own heat and are thus not prone to overheating. Additionally, external hydraulics don’t emit sparks, making them safe to operate in environments where fire hazards are especially risky, such as facilities with chemicals, dust, or lumber. Additionally, external hydraulics are fairly quiet compared to other systems, which is beneficial for everyone in the immediate vicinity, as well as any work environments where excess noise may be highly disruptive.

Greater Worker Efficiency

As previously mentioned, external hydraulics require much less force and power to operate than manual systems. As a result, workers exert far less energy when using hydraulic pumps and can accomplish more throughout the day. Additionally, external hydraulics are generally much faster than manpower alone, so every task takes less time to complete, driving up productivity and daily output.

Industrial Toe Jacks from GKS

GKS offers a line of industrial toe jacks operated using external hydraulics. Our hydraulic pumps can lift two loads simultaneously, allowing a single operator to use multiple jacks at once and maximizing efficiency in any workplace. We offer both electric versions, which require virtually no energy expenditure from the operator, and manual versions, for use when an electrical outlet cannot be accessed.

Our jacks, hydraulic pumps, and other products are the product of unparalleled German engineering, with each product undergoing comprehensive testing before delivery to the customer. Our customer service team is based in Ohio, so our customers can reach us at any time with questions and requests for assistance.

Ready to invest in a first-rate lifting system and maximize the efficiency of your workplace? To learn more about ou industrial toe jacks and external hydraulics options, talk to a member of our team >

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