Customized Lifting & Moving Heavy Loads Solutions

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions offers a full range of products, including jacks, industrial dollies, rotating dollies, robots and pumps. But our product offerings don’t stop there – GKS also specializes in custom lift solutions for customers who have lifting needs that can’t be served by one of our off-the-shelf products. 

Want to See Slight Changes?

Does one of our industrial heavy lift solutions check most of the boxes for your application, but need slight modifications to get the job done? No problem! We don’t have to start from scratch to provide lifting or moving equipment that meets all of your needs – we have several optional upgrades and features available upon request to fit your specifications.

For applications including chip manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, and more, GKS nickel-plated lifting solutions meet the requirements of clean room environments. We have the capability to provide nickel-plating for ALL of our equipment. 

While GKS-Perfekt’s standard rollers feature a polyamide composite lining and are the high-quality result of rigorous development and resistance tests, we also offer PU-lined and steel rollers for sensitive flooring and asphalt applications, respectively. Additionally, our GKS-Alperfekt Rollers are designed with special gripping teeth that hold onto ball bearings longer. Our range of roller options helps to provide maximum stability and service life for our lifting solutions. 

Custom Lifting Solutions

Whether you have an atypical shape or size of machine that needs moved in your facility or another unique lifting challenge, GKS is here to help! Our team of engineers, designers and fabricators has extensive experience with custom lift solutions. 

We use CAD and 3D engineering modeling to create custom designs for lifting solutions or to bring customer supplied designs to life. Once the equipment design is agreed upon, we get to work to provide the lifting or moving solution you need, with the quality and attention to detail that our customers can count on. 

Sometimes the answer isn’t a custom solution, but a different configuration based on our years of experience in the lifting and moving world. That’s why for every custom design request, we have a discovery stage to fully understand your process – we want to help provide the most cost effective solution to your rigging and millwright challenges. 

American Customer Service Meets German Engineering

While GKS-Perfekt has domestic offices located in Springfield, Ohio to serve your customer service needs, our moving and lifting equipment is the result of high quality German engineering and manufacturing. All of our products undergo extensive quality assurance testing before they leave our manufacturing facilities to ensure that they consistently deliver the level of quality that we’re proud to stand behind.


Since 1967, GKS-Perfekt solutions have met the living and moving needs of several industries, including manufacturing, rigging, aviation, millwrighting, machine shops and beyond.

From equipment modifications to custom lift solutions, contact GKS-Perfekt to talk to our experts about the products with the exacting specifications you need to handle the requirements of your moving or lifting job.

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