GKS Rollers

Dolly Spare Parts: Rollers & Wheels

Durable and built to last with quality German engineering, GKS dolly spare parts keep your dollies moving smoothly over any terrain. Browse the dolly rollers and wheels above and use the chart on each page to determine which dolly models are compatible with each wheel type.

Dolly spare parts keep your operation moving. Creaky or rusty dolly rollers and wheels can cause slow-downs, frustration, and employee fatigue. With quality replacement parts from GKS, you can keep your crew on track and working seamlessly.

Hydraulic Toe Jack Parts

Time to replace hydraulic toe jack parts? Don’t slow down your operations with toe jacks that are out of service or functioning below standard. GKS offers replacement parts so you can get your hydraulic toe jack in tip-top shape. Simply reference the chart on this page to determine which parts you need to keep your hydraulic toe jack working like new for years to come. 

GKS Quality

Since 1967, GKS moving solutions have supported every industry where large objects need to be moved. Manufacturing, rigging, aviation, millwrighting, machine shops and more all run more smoothly with quality German engineering and customer support in Springfield, Ohio from GKS.

Part of providing long-lasting, durable lifting and moving solutions is providing replacement parts to extend the life of your equipment. Have questions about the appropriate spare parts for your GKS equipment? Contact us today.