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Nickel-Plated Rotating Dollies


GKS nickel-plated hydraulic toe jacks provide years of reliable, robust lifting in clean-room environments, such as food processing, electronics, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and chip manufacturing. Our nickel-plated jacks and clean room dollies are ideal for a variety of multi-purpose lifting and moving applications of heavy loads.

Benefits of Nickel-Plated Jacks

Any of our jacks can be nickel-plated upon request, which is excellent for clean rooms, manufacturing floors, and other sterile or sensitive environments. Because nickel-plated jacks are corrosion and oxidation resistant, they don’t produce “rust dust” or particles that may compromise the integrity of the clean room by getting into the air or the products. Using a nickel-plated jack can keep equipment cleaner for longer and cut down on dust and particle build-up.

Nickel plating offers several other benefits as well. Nickel plating protects toe jacks and clean room dollies from the effects of moisture, which can be beneficial in humid manufacturing environments. A nickel-plated jack is also less likely to outgas contaminants into a clean room. Some airborne contaminants spread by adhering to surfaces that travel from one place to another and “outgassing” as molecular vapor. However, it’s much more difficult for these molecules to adhere to the smooth surface created by nickel plating, so opting for a nickel-plated jack will minimize the risk of outgassing from the jack itself.

GKS hydraulic toe jacks are designed and constructed with durability in mind. Our toe jacks are available in a variety of sizes so you can choose the load capacity you need. You can double your jack’s load capacity by operating it in tandem with a second nickel-plated hydraulic toe jack through an external GKS PV Hand Pump.

Nickel Plated Jack Specifications

GKS jacks are designed to bear the full load capacity on the toe and top plate. A release valve allows loads to be lowered precisely carefully. Our hydraulic toe jacks also feature a safety valve for overload protection.

Other features of GKS hydraulic toe jacks include:

  • Forged steel safety toe
  • Precision guideways
  • Wheels to facilitate easy rolling
  • One-piece, height-adjustable safety toe, designed and manufactured to a high safety margin
  • Modular design, to allow for easy service

Why GKS Nickel Plated Jacks are Your Best Choice

GKS hydraulic toe jacks come with a five-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support.

GKS is accredited under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Our manufacturing process utilizes state-of-the-art production methods that ensure consistent high quality. All GKS jacks meet Testmark BGV D8 (Germany) and ANSI/ASME (USA) standards.

To assure optimal functionality and appearance, 100% of our heavy-duty jacks must pass a thorough testing and approval process before leaving the factory. Each jack is delivered with a test report and a label indicating the date for its next inspection.

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