Price Update – Quality Rigging Equipment

GKS, a reliable manufacturer of top-quality rigging equipment, is raising prices on its products, effective Jan. 1, 2022.

Many industries are experiencing fluctuations in materials costs, which affect the supply chain. These changes, which can be dramatic and unpredictable, are leading many companies to make adjustments.

For GKS specifically, material costs are rising. We are unwilling to compromise the quality of our products by settling for cheaper, lower-quality materials for the sole purpose of maintaining the same prices. As a result, we are raising our prices for the first time since 2018.

This is not a decision we make lightly, especially after three years of steady pricing. However, this step is necessary to maintain our promise to produce and deliver high-quality rigging and moving equipment to our customers. 

Our Commitment to Quality Materials, Construction and Design

When it comes to moving and rigging equipment, quality and safety go hand in hand. Cutting corners on production and materials can compromise the safety of workers, especially when heavy equipment is involved. On the other hand, well-made jacks, rollers, dollies and other equipment can reduce both risk and stress by ensuring smooth and predictable moving and lifting.

GKS believes you can’t put a price on safety, which is why we remain committed to developing safe products even as material costs increase. We invest in materials and production methods that have a strong track record of reliable, lasting performance. We make all of our hydraulic jacks with forged steel rather than cast steel to ensure better quality. The rollers in our moving equipment are milled, rather than cast from a mold, and thus less likely to crack or malfunction.

Safety is also a crucial part of the GKS design process. Our products are engineered with a variety of built-in safety features to protect users. This includes forged steel safety toes and safety valves for overload protection. Additionally, each product goes through a battery of tests to ensure that all safety standards are met.

While safety is our top priority, our dedication to quality has another significant benefit for our customers: longevity. When you invest in GKS rigging equipment, you don’t have to worry about your products falling apart. Our products come with a five-year warranty, and our service team is committed to helping you service your products for decades after the 5 year warranty, so you can count on a long service life from your GKS equipment.

Ongoing Support from an Experienced Company

GKS is not just a supplier of quality rigging equipment and dollies. We strive to be your trusted partner. You can count on collaborative support from our dedicated U.S.-based customer service experts.

We work with you directly to learn about your specific needs, as well as the goals and challenges of your unique situation. We then help you design a moving solution that works for you so you can choose the right GKS rigging equipment to invest in. If your needs change, we can help you update your system so it continues to meet your needs.

Continue the Conversation

Our prices may be changing, but the quality of our products and our dedication to strong customer relationships remains the same. GKS is still committed to developing and delivering excellent lifting and moving solutions to our customers around the world.

Price changes will take effect on Jan. 1, 2022. These price changes will affect each of our products and each of our valued customers differently. If you’d like to speak with us about these changes or discuss a moving solution, please contact us.

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