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About Our Products

GKS offers a range of industrial moving products that are designed to help transport heavy loads through warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial settings. Our jacks, pumps and dollies reduce the amount of manpower needed to lift and move large loads, resulting in safer moves and a more efficient, productive workforce – maximizing profitability and work efficiency. We will work with you to identify the best moving solution for your application. Our products pair perfectly with each other to ensure your next move goes off without a hitch, even if it includes challenging floor conditions and obstacles. All of our products come with a 5-year limited warranty, but many customers share stories of dollies, pumps and jacks performing at a high level well beyond that timeframe. Contact us to learn more about any of our products and how we can build the perfect moving solution to allow your business to safely and efficiently transport heavy loads to increase productivity and boost profits.

Rotating Dollies Product List 

Rotating dollies are ideal for navigating tight spaces. Their nimble, responsive handling allows you to steer around obstacles even if there isn’t a lot of room along the path of your move. GKS rotating dollies feature a unique bearing design to facilitate 360-degree movement and low-resistance rollers that ensure scuff-free floors throughout your application, unlike competitors’ rotating dollies which can scuff or even damage floors. With load capacities ranging from 2,200 pounds to 26,400 pounds, we have the right dolly to assist with almost any industrial moving application. For clean room applications, our nickel-plated dollies are an ideal fit. Stop wasting valuable time turning bulky, rigid tank rollers with sledgehammers and add a GKS rotating dolly to your operation for faster, safer and less physically demanding moves.

Industrial Dollies Product List 

When the weight gets heavy, a well-built industrial dolly is a must for moving objects in a warehouse, loading dock or manufacturing facility. Our selection of industrial dollies includes lead, follow and container dollies, designed to be used in tandem to help your team seamlessly transport objects weighing up to 264,000 pounds. With a low loading height, it’s easy to lift objects onto our dollies and once the move is in motion, low-resistance rollers allow for smoother transport while leaving floors scuff-free. Like our rotating dollies, GKS offers nickel-plated industrial dollies for clean room applications. Delivery services, moving companies and other logistics services around the world. Count on GKS industrial dollies to get the job done on a daily basis.

Jacks Product List

We know that industrial lifting and moving applications are unique and require the right tools in order to succeed. That’s why our collection of jacks features forklift jacks, low-profile jacks, jacks with internal or external hydraulics, nickel-plated jacks for clean room applications, and more. Unlike many other jacks on the market, our V-Series jacks are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Integrated hydraulic pump technology makes our G-Series forklift jacks perfect for not only forklifts, but lifting other industrial vehicles as well. GKS offers jacks with a load capacity ranging from 11,000 pounds to 66,000 pounds and for heavier loads, pair jacks together to safely lift these large objects. Businesses in the manufacturing industry, rigging, millwrighting and beyond, use our jacks to do their heavy lifting.

Robots & Pumps Product List

Sometimes a move requires more manpower than is available on a job site and that’s where our ROBOT battery-powered industrial dollies come to the rescue. These nimble, remote-controlled dollies allow one person to safely move a load through a space. They feature a Li-Lonen battery system with a battery life of up to six hours, giving you the time and power to move machinery, vehicles or other large objects within your building or from one building to another. Their heavy-duty wheels, adjustable connecting bar and low loading height allow you to easily place loads ranging from 22,000 to 88,000 pounds and transport them at speeds of up to 20 feet per minute. 

Those loads can be synchronously lifted using one of our electric or hand pumps. These durable pumps can be used in small, medium or large-sized lifting and moving efforts. Hand pumps are typically the most economical option and work well for smaller applications and their manual nature makes them ideal for clean room use. Because they are external pumps, you can use multiple jacks at the same time with just one operator. Electric pumps are typically best in operations that regularly lift and move heavy, large machinery, shipments and tools. They remove the manual labor from lifting and facilitate quicker, less physically demanding moves.

GKS offers lifting and moving solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

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