Jack Pumps: Which is Best for Your Need?

Jack pumps are an essential tool for hydraulic toe jacks as part of a synchronous lifting system. These tools make it possible to lift incredibly heavy objects with little to no manual labor. They are available as hand pumps and electric hydraulic pumps. 

Jack pumps are used across many industries, including machine, cargo, heavy load lifting, rigging, moving shipyard equipment, bridge and plant construction, emergency rescues, and more. If a large object needs to be moved—for example, industrial machinery—a jack pump is what you need.

The best pump type for you will depend on your operation’s unique needs. Some may need pumps to accommodate uneven loads. Others might need a pump that doesn’t require electricity to lift heavy objects.

If you’re not sure what type of synchronous lifting system is best for you, read on to learn more about the different types. Then, contact GKS Perfekt to discuss what you need to lift. Our U.S.-based customer support team will help you find the perfect fit.

PV Hand Pumps

PV hand pumps are lightweight and robust, so there is no need for electric power. This makes the PV hand pump an excellent choice for lifting in places where electric power may not be available. 

The GKS Perfekt hand pump allows you to lift two five-ton or 10-ton hydraulic toe jacks at the same time.

The PV hand pump was designed with safety in mind. This means the person operating the pump is able to keep a safe distance from the load, which can reduce potential liability. 

Our PV hand pump also features…

  • Working pressure of 7,542 psi
  • 0.6 gallon tank capacity
  • Two hydraulic hoses with a quick-release fastener

Electric Pumps

Electric pump jacks differ from our hand pump because they require electric power. In return, you get a pump that requires no manual labor whatsoever. Here at GKS Perfekt, we offer three electric pumps.


Of all of our pumps, this is the quickest option, allowing you to lift large objects as fast as possible.

The PE electric hydraulic pump allows you to lift any two GKS Perfekt hydraulic toe jacks at the same time. Since it is an electric pump, there is no need for manual effort when operating the PE electric pump jack.


Our PE2 electric pump is different from other pumps because it allows you to adjust the hydraulic pressure per jack. How does this change the way you lift heavy objects? By adjusting the hydraulic pressure, you can more easily lift uneven loads. If you often deal with uneven loads, we highly recommend the PE2 hydraulic jack electric pump.

The PE2 pump allows you to lift any two GKS Perfekt hydraulic toe jacks simultaneously. Like our other electric pumps, you will not need to exert any manual effort to operate the PE2 pump.


Like the PE2 electric pump jack, the PE4 is excellent for lifting uneven loads thanks to adjustable hydraulic pressures on each jack. What sets the PE4 apart is that you can use it to lift up to four of our hydraulic toe jacks. 

So, if you frequently handle loads that are both heavy and uneven, the PE4 may be the right electric hydraulic pump for you. 

Which Jack Pump is Best for Your Needs?

The best jack pump for your needs will always depend on the unique circumstances of your operation. That’s why, if you are unsure, we recommend giving us a call! We’re always happy to discuss your options so you walk away with the best synchronous lifting system for your business.

At a glance, however, below are the factors that might make a certain pump the best choice for you:

  • PV Hand Pump: if you need a pump that doesn’t require electric power, and don’t mind a little manual labor.
  • PE Electric Pump: if you need to lift heavy objects quickly and want to avoid manual labor.
  • PE2 Electric Pump: if you need to lift uneven loads.
  • PE4 Electric Pump: if you need to lift extremely heavy uneven loads.

GKS Perfekt

Here at GKS Perfekt, we pride ourselves on quality. Every single product we produce goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure your satisfaction. Our products are engineered and manufactured for durability in Germany. You can rely on our tough commercial solutions to help you streamline operations and get your job done efficiently. 

Looking for top quality customer support? We offer that, too. Our U.S.-based customer service is always happy to help. Whether you are looking for insight on the best product for your business, or need to ask a question about a product you already own, our customer service agents are standing by with solutions. 

Interested in a hydraulic lift jack system from GKS Perfekt? Contact us today.

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