GKS’s Commitment to Safeguarding Your Deliveries

One of the challenges associated with shipping and supply chain is striking a balance between efficiency and care. The rapid pace of global commerce requires shipping professionals to move quickly while also protecting the integrity of cargo and inventory.

GKS offers top-quality industrial moving equipment designed to transport heavy cargo safely while maximizing the efficiency of your distribution operations. We make durable, long-lasting machinery and distribution solutions that can be operated by just one or two people, so your team can get more done.

Equipment Designed to Last

GKS industrial moving equipment is German engineered for long-lasting quality and performance in the rigorous environment of industrial distribution. Our toe jacks, moving dollies, and robots come with a five-year warranty, and every piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing before it leaves our facility to ensure it functions as designed when moving cargo.

We also design our heavy-duty dollies and toe jacks with special features to extend their service life. This includes:

  • Durable rollers made from polyamide. Polyamide rollers can navigate cracks and uneven flooring without sustaining damage for a long time, which is valuable when moving shipping containers and other heavy loads.
  • Forged steel toes on our toe jacks. Forged steel is 30% stronger than cast steel, which leads to greater durability.

We make top-quality replacement parts for components that may need to be retired after heavy use moving cargo in an industrial distribution environment. Components such as rollers, O-rings, rubber supports, and others can be replaced to extend the service life of your jack, dolly, or robot.

Engineered for Safety

At GKS, we take safety very seriously and understand the importance of worker protection in warehouses, shipping yards, and other industrial distribution settings. Our toe jacks, moving dollies, and robots are designed with the safety of team members in mind. Our safety measures include:

  • Worker protection. Using jacks and dollies to lift and transport extremely heavy loads puts far less physical strain on team members, which can reduce the risk of injury or excessive fatigue. Additionally, GKS robots can be operated remotely, allowing team members to maintain some distance when moving cargo through tight spaces.
  • Greater load security when moving shipping containers and other heavy loads. Our container dollies are made with specialized cone fittings, designed specifically for securing the corners of shipping containers. This allows for greater confidence when moving shipping containers in an industrial distribution environment, such as warehouses, ports, and others.

Discover How Our Equipment Transforms Your Workflow

Choosing GKS industrial moving equipment can streamline operations and boost efficiency at your industrial distribution facility. Most of our toe jacks and moving dollies can be operated safely by just one or two people, rather than a large team. Our robots, for example, require just one person to operate the controls once the load has been lifted and secured. As a result, you can accomplish more with a smaller team, which increases efficiency and productivity.

Why Choose GKS?

GKS is a trusted provider of heavy-duty lifting equipment and industrial distribution solutions. We understand the intense demands of the global supply chain and have designed our products with those rigors in mind. GKS combines the very best of German engineering with reliable, accessible customer service based in the American Heartland. Our customer service team in Springfield, Ohio is always available to answer questions and help you troubleshoot potential challenges as you navigate the fast pace and high demand of shipping and cargo.

The expert team at GKS can help you design an industrial shipping solution and choose the right combination of toe jacks and dollies for your needs. Talk to a member of our team.

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