Getting Started with GKS Dollies

At GKS, we offer a broad selection of dollies to meet all of your transportation needs. In addition to our Rotating Dollies, we offer four original types of dollies: Tandem Dollies, Transport Dollies, Nickel-Plated Transport Dollies, and Container Dollies. Each type of dolly was specifically created and customized to meet unique transportation needs. All of our dollies are created with specialty rollers that won’t damage floors, no matter the weight of the load.

Our Transport Dollies are created with a three-point axle so that you can transport heavy loads with ease through even the most cramped spaces. The GKS Transport Dollies come in two different designs, and 20 models, each of which carry up to 132,000 pounds. Transport Dollies are safely designed with a stable, low profile in order to maintain a low head clearance.

The two available designs for the Transport Dollies are the F-Dollies and the L-Dollies. The F-Dollies are straight-line dollies that have an advanced adjustable connection bar, designed to distribute weight evenly no matter what the load. The L-Dollies have a steerable swivel top feature for tough-to-navigate spaces, and are accompanied by a tow-eye that makes front support steering safer. F-Dollies and L-Dollies may be combined for transportations that do not require the use of the swivel feature. The F-Dollies can also be used with our Rotating Dollies for added support and ease.

For clean-room environments, Transport Dollies are also offered in four models of nickel-plated material. Models F3, L3, F6, and L6 can all be used in sterile environments, such as food production, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Our advanced clean-room-approved models have all of the same features as the original Transport Dollies.

The GKS Tandem Dollies are designed with a four-point support to easily transport bulky goods and frames with the ultimate stability to carry any weight up to 88,000 pounds. The Tandem Dolly comes in four diverse models: TL6, TL12, TL20, and TL40. The Tandem Dolly can replace the L-Dolly for bulkier or heavier loads, and can be paired with an additional rear support Tandem Dolly, an F-Dolly, or an RL dolly. Even with the heaviest loads, GKS special rollers will not damage or mark floors. At GKS, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and superior testing methods to ensure that Tandem Dollies will provide the ultimate stability for the heaviest loads.

The ultimate creation, the Container Dollies allow for four-point stability and steering, with container dollies that can lock in and transport up to 88,000 pounds. The Container Dollies put you at ease by ensuring secure transportation with locks, no-slip grip surface, low-resistance rollers, and the option to pair with additional Container Dollies.

All GKS dollies are designed to be low-maintenance, but proper assembly and use will guarantee the longest and most functional life products. When not in use, be sure to store dollies in a safe and clean space, out of the way of any possible damage. For any questions on how to store and maintain our products, contact us or call 937-240-2466 for expert assistance.

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