Dollies – 360 Degree Rotating, Heavy Load, Container & More


GKS F/L transport dollies are our most commonly used heavy-duty dollies for a wide range of applications. These dollies offer a classic 3-point moving system, which is ideal for hassle-free moving of heavy loads. With a lower ground clearance and low loading height, our dollies require less lifting which means more time moving and faster rigging. They also offer  excellent resistance to slipping. These machine skates also offer excellent maneuverability on uneven floors in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other locations. These are all reasons why GKS transport dollies can improve the overall safety of your job and performance. The load capacity of a GKS transport dolly ranges from 3 to 300 tons, depending on the model you choose.

Your GKS transport dolly is part of a customizable two-part load moving system. You can choose from a selection of F-dollies, or rear dollies, all of which feature an adjustable expansion bar to distribute weight and accommodate heavy loads of varying widths. Your F-dolly will pair with an L-dolly to push, pull, and steer the load. Our L-dollies are made with a swivel top and tow eye for safer steering. You can also pair two F-dollies together if you only need forward and backward movement. F-dollies can also be paired with our rotating RL dollies or our steerable tandem TL dollies.


GKS tandem dollies are ideal if you need to transport machinery, frame structures, and other bulky loads, including loads with legs. Tandem dollies provide the four-point moving system you need to ensure proper support and stability when moving heavy loads. Load capacity for GKS tandem dollies ranges from 6 to 100 tons. Tandem TL dollies also offer two points of contact instead of one. A tandem dolly in the front pairs perfectly with an F-dolly in the rear. Tandem dollies can also be paired with RL dollies or a second tandem dolly.


GKS container dollies are built to transport ISO and intermodal containers much better—and more safely—than two forklifts can. Our container dollies use carefully engineered cones that fit inside the four feet of an intermodal container to lock it securely in place for a secure move across a variety of surfaces. A GKS container dolly is paired with either another container dolly or a tandem dolly with 4-point moving support. Our container mover machines are made with non-slip surfaces and scuff-free rollers and offer load capacities from 6 to 40 tons.


Make the most out of small spaces with GKS rotating dollies. Our rotating RL dollies are made with special bearings in the skates to offer a 360-degree swivel. These machine skates are designed for maximum maneuverability on any floor. They can make tight turns and move easily through small spaces without loss of stability, and operators can steer from either the front or the back. You can create a 3- or 4-point moving solution by combining rotating RL dollies to match the weight distribution, total capacity, and stability you need. You can also combine a rotating RL dolly with an F-dolly, an L-dolly, or a tandem TL dolly. Our 360-degree rotating RL dollies are made with scuff-free rollers with low resistance and a non-slip grip, so you can move heavy loads without damaging floor surfaces. Load capacities for our rotating RL dollies range from one to 12 tons.


GKS Twinlifter TW28 Dolly offers a higher capacity than most lifting dollies on the market. This machine skate is perfect for bulky and large-volume loads, such as safes, HVAC units, and more. The Twinlifter TW28 is built with an integrated hydraulic pump, so you can jack and transport loads with the same machine. The Twinlifter TW28 also features a simplified and sturdy welded designer, highly resistant polyurethane wheels, and handle steering for easy maneuverability. You can customize your twinlifter dolly with extra heavy-duty polyamide wheels as well. The Twinlifter TW28 offers a 7-inch lift and a load capacity of 2.8 tons, so you can move bulky items with generous ground clearance.


GKS dollies are covered by a 5-year warranty and come with lifetime technical support. Our dollies can be nickel-plated for transporting loads in clean rooms. All GKS dollies are German engineered and comply with ANSI and ASME quality standards.

Get in touch with GKS to speak to an expert, ask questions, and choose the right heavy-duty dolly or machine skate for you. We can offer next-day lead times and ship spare parts directly to you at a moment’s notice. 

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