Benefits of Using Nickel Plated Jacks for Industrial Lifting

What are Nickel Plated Jacks?

GKS offers nickel plated versions of our entire product line. We stock the most popular items but can nickel plate additional ones upon request. The difference between the standard jack and the nickel plated jack is, as the name suggests, nickel plating. Otherwise, nickel plated jacks have all the same features and functions as a standard jack, such as an adjustable-height, forged steel safety toe, modular design, and wheels for easy rolling.

Nickel plated jacks are often used in laboratories, medical settings, sensitive manufacturing environments, and, perhaps most importantly, clean rooms. Clean rooms are defined by strict control of airborne particles. These spaces are often isolated, with limited and controlled entry, to minimize the introduction of dust, microbes, and other particles. Every piece of equipment that enters a clean room must adhere to the space’s stringent standards to minimize air contamination, which is why nickel plated options are so popular.

A clean room may also use a series of air filters and special lighting to maintain a highly controlled environment. Even the construction materials of a clean room are chosen to control airborne particles.

Benefits of Nickel Plating

There are a few key reasons to choose a nickel-plated jack over a standard alternative. From a purely aesthetic perspective, nickel plating lends itself to a lustrous, neat appearance, which can be appealing to many. But nickel plating offers many additional benefits that can be incredibly advantageous in more sensitive environments.

Contaminant Reduction

Nickel plated jacks are much easier to clean than their counterparts. The smooth nickel surface is less prone to dust and particle build-up and introduces fewer contaminants to a sensitive environment. This is vital in clean rooms, where airborne particle control is a top priority. Nickel also has excellent adhesion properties. Unlike paint, nickel plating won’t chip off over time, which means the jack itself won’t leave behind contaminants or particles.

Corrosion Resistance

Many metals are prone to corrosion over time. Corrosion can produce “rust dust,” tiny rust particles that can cause serious contamination problems. Rust dust can compromise the integrity of a clean room, and buildup of rust dust can compromise the operation of sensitive equipment and machinery.

Because nickel is highly resistant to corrosion, nickel plated jacks do not pose the same threat. Nickel plating is especially beneficial for humid environments, where the risk of corrosion is increased, or for jacks that may encounter other corrosive substances while in service.

Increased Metal Hardness

Nickel boasts impressive hardness and strength. Because nickel is highly resistant to heat and corrosion, it is far more durable than many other metals. As a result, nickel-plated jacks hold up beautifully against wear and tear. The material will not chip, flake, or crack, and the appearance of the plating will remain bright and attractive.

Nickel Plated Lifting Solutions From GKS

At GKS, we understand the need for cleanroom-friendly lifting solutions that meet the same safety and performance standards as any other equipment. That’s why we offer nickel plating for every model of our German-engineered hydraulic toe jacks, even those operated via external hydraulics. With a nickel plated toe jack from GKS, you can lift heavy loads—up to thirty tons—in clean rooms and other sensitive environments without worrying about introducing unwanted contaminants.

Every single jack that leaves our facility is individually tested for quality and performance, and each comes with a five-year warranty. Our customer service team is based in the American midwest, so you can get immediate support when you have a question.

To learn more about nickel plated toe jacks and other lifting solutions, talk to a member of our team >

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