Rotating Dollies

Navigate tight corners with ease when you use durable 360-degree rotating dollies from GKS Perfekt.

Trollies & Dollies

Dollies have been helping businesses move large, heavy objects from point A to point B for decades. Many objects, without the help of a dolly system, would be unmovable. Thanks to dollies, we can transport things like construction equipment and heavy machinery without extreme amounts of manual labor. 

Our rotating dollies use high-quality swing arms and bearings, allowing operators to effortlessly move large machines in tight spaces. GKS rotating dollies have durable, all-direction wheels that allow you to smoothly maneuver an object through your facility with ease.

If your company consistently transports heavy objects, rotating dollies are a wise investment to cut back on labor and increase efficiency and speed. If you only have an occasional need for dollies, GKS can also connect you with our trusted partners for rental equipment, so you can get your job done without the upfront investment. 

What is the difference between a dolly and a trolley?

There is sometimes confusion between dollies and transport trollies, since both are used to move heavy equipment. 

A dolly is a platform on wheels. Sometimes referred to as a skate, dollies typically have one wheel on each corner of a platform. When using a dolly, objects are lifted on and off the platform for a total of two lifts, reducing the amount of manual labor necessary to move the object.

Trollies, on the other hand, are L-shaped with two wheels at the bottom corner. Heavy load trollies use leverage to lift objects, so manual lifting is not necessary. 

Dolly Types

Lead Dollies: L-Dollies, or Lead Dollies, are used to steer heavy loads through your facility providing both stability and maneuverability. Lead Dollies also allow you to steer at up to a 90° angle to help overcome difficult turns or tight spaces. Our low-profile machine skates can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and metal.

Follow Dollies: F-Dollies, or Follow Dollies, are used to support heavy loads forming points two and three of the classic 3-point move. Our Follow Dollies are low profile and use non-marking rollers to ensure that both your operator and customers are satisfied with a job well done. A connecting bar between the dollies enables secure moving, even on uneven surfaces.

Rotating Dollies: Sometimes, you need a dolly that can navigate tight spaces. Rotating dollies from GKS feature unique bearings that allow them to rotate 360 degrees. The rollers are low resistance and highly stable for scuff-free floors after transportation. 

As efficient in compact areas as they are in large spaces, rotating dollies are highly maneuverable. If you transport heavy loads around corners or down narrow passages, a rotating dolly is the ideal piece of equipment to make your operation more efficient.

Trolley Types

Trollies are also available in a variety of options, including…

  • Transport trollies
  • Tandem trollies
  • 360-degree rotating trollies
  • Shipping container trollies
  • Heavy load trollies

The right equipment for you, whether it is container trollies or dollies, depends on the frequency of your moves, the layout of your facility, and the type of objects you transport.  

GKS Quality

Browse all of our rotating dollies above to find the perfect fit for your operation. 

Like all of our products, our rotating dollies are thoroughly tested to ensure high performance. Need help choosing the best dolly for your needs? Contact our US-based customer service for more information on any of our products. 

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