Transport Dollies

Move cartons, crates, machinery and other heavy loads with control and ease.

What is a transport dolly?

A transport dolly, also known as a transport trolley, is a valuable asset for moving heavy loads within a space. They facilitate safe, efficient moves by reducing the amount of manpower needed to transport machinery, products being shipped and other cumbersome items. A heavy-duty transport dolly is a great investment that will pay off not only in cost savings, but also in a happier, more productive workforce.

Transport System Load Capacity

GKS transport dollies allow you to move heavy loads with less manpower, increasing workplace efficiency while facilitating safe moves across a variety of difficult surfaces. From our F3/L3 transport dollies, which boast a load capacity of six tons, to our F9/L9 and F20/L20 dollies for medium-sized loads, and heavy-duty F60/L60 dollies with a load capacity of 120 tons, we have just the right option for any application. GKS transport dollies also have low loading heights to enable sufficient ground clearance for easy loading of transported items.

Configurable Moving Solutions

Another important feature of GKS transport dollies is easy steering. Moving heavy loads through a warehouse or other work space means safely navigating crowded spaces and varying surfaces that can include cracks, dividers and gaps. All of our dollies come with a connecting bar that gives you increased stability during your move by linking dollies together. To further customize your dollies for a specific move, GKS dollies feature adjustable width. They’re also constructed with durable, non-marking rollers to prevent floor damage and thick, grooved rubber pads to prevent load slippage.

Nickel-plated versions of our lead and follow dollies are available for use in food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry clean rooms.

Transport Dollies F and L

We offer both lead and follow dollies, often referred to as L and F. The lead dolly is placed at the front of the load and features a swivel top and tow eye, allowing for safe front steering support of load-moving systems. Our nickel-plated lead dollies are engineered for food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry clean rooms.

Each of our lead dollies can be used in tandem with our follow dollies, which are placed at the back of the load. Choose a three- or four-point system depending on the application. A three-point system features a lead dolly and two follow dollies, forming a triangular pattern. Four-point systems utilize two lead and two follow dollies, arranged in a square or rectangular arrangement.

All of our transport dollies, regardless of their load capacity, come with a 5-year limited warranty, but our mission is to create durable lifting and moving solutions with an even longer work life. Our dollies are used in a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and warehousing facilities and are tested before delivery to meet our high standards of quality and performance.

Our knowledgeable team is always willing to work with you to find the best solution for your specific application.