Need More Than Manual Power to Move Your Equipment?

Move CNC & Milling Machines Easier 

Moving heavy equipment and large machinery can be a taxing process—with a high manpower cost. Even the strongest warehouse crews can grow tired quickly if the load is above a certain weight, and manual moving can take a long time. And traditional moving equipment, such as forklifts, is not always an option in small spaces.

With a German-made GKS robot, you can move heavy machinery much more efficiently, with far less fatigue and fewer people overall. GKS robots are engineered for safe, seamless transport of CNC machining and milling machines, press brakes, lathes, generators, shipping containers, and more—without bulky equipment. Our motorized dollies are engineered for precise maneuvers through tight spaces that may not accommodate a forklift or towing device. All GKS robots have a swivel plate for smooth turns and can travel in a straight line using the straight-drive function.

GKS robot dollies are powered by lithium-polymer batteries to allow for smoother operations. Since the robots don’t run on propane, there’s no exhaust or emissions to contend with. Additionally, there are no power cords, cables, or hoses to get in the way of the robot’s path or present a tripping hazard to workers. If a robot runs out of power in the middle of a move, the battery pack can be swapped out quickly and easily, without having to unload cargo.

All GKS robots are operated by remote control, which means the person steering the dolly is free to walk around the load and can serve as their own spotter. With a GKS robot, only one person is needed to manage a move from start to finish, which allows for much greater efficiency when compared to a manual move. The user-friendly GKS remote control interface gives you the power to drive and steer at the same time, so you can move heavy loads more efficiently. 

GKS Robot Dolly System

Each GKS robot is comprised of two primary elements: the L-ROBOT and the F-ROBOT. Both elements of the robot are outfitted with heavy-duty wheels that can travel over cracks and lifts in the floor without dangerously jostling the cargo. Our custom-made wheels won’t mark or scuff floors even when transporting heavy loads.

GKS offers three different models of our robot dolly system, so you can choose the carrying capacity, functionality, and other specs based on your unique needs. All three models are highly compatible with German-engineered GKS hydraulic toe jacks for safe and easy loading of cargo.


The ROBOT 10 is the fastest of our three battery-powered dolly systems, moving up to 36 feet per minute for 4-6 hours. Thanks to a new integrated synchronous running mode, the ROBOT 10 can travel in a straight line without any support from an operator. The GKS ROBOT 10 has a carrying capacity of up to 22,000 pounds or 10 tons and can handle up to a 5% incline.


The ROBOT 20 can handle loads up to 44,000 pounds or 20 tons. The ROBOT 20 can travel between 10 and 20 feet per minute, with a battery life of four to six hours. The ROBOT 20 has a loading height of 7.1 inches and can travel at up to 3% incline.


The ROBOT 40 has the highest carrying capacity of any GKS robot dolly. This dolly can transport loads up to 88,000 pounds or 40 tons. Like the ROBOT 20, the ROBOT 40 can cover between 10 and 20 feet per minute. The loading height of the ROBOT 40 is 9.8 inches and can travel at up to 3% incline.

GKS Motorized Dolly

All GKS motorized dollies come with a two-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Our North American customer support team is always available to help you choose the right GKS robot for you, answer questions you may have about your robot dolly system, and help you order replacement parts as needed. Speak to an expert or browse our selection of robot dollies.

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