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How to Choose the Best Rigging Hardware for Your Project

Choosing the right heavy rigging equipment or machine moving equipment requires an accurate assessment of your moving project. You need to know the specifics of what needs to be moved, its size and weight, the surfaces across which it will be moved, how much manpower will be needed for the move and what challenges or obstacles you’ll encounter during the whole process. Answering these questions will ensure you choose the right industrial rigging skates, dollies and jacks for your move.

What Is an Industrial Rigging Dolly?

Industrial rigging dollies, also known as industrial rigging skates, are mobile platforms with rollers that make them ideal tools for transporting large, heavy loads across industrial spaces. Instead of workers trying to lift and move these objects manually, using jacks and dollies in tandem allows you to safely and efficiently transport machinery, shipments and other massive equipment within your facility from one building to another. Our industrial rigging skates and dollies come in a range of load capacities, allowing you to choose the right skate or dolly for your application.

3 Advantages of Using Rigging Equipment 

Rigging originated with the shipping industry, but has grown to include any type of moving of large objects that require heavy equipment. It could be CNC machines, press brakes, equipment on a production line, or heavy loads being transported within and outside of the warehouse. Because of the types of applications where rigging is used, it offers distinct advantages over other industrial machine moving equipment.

1. Save time and money

When you employ the right rigging equipment for your application, workers can complete moves more efficiently. This means fewer man hours spent on a task, freeing up employees to work on other tasks while still accomplishing a successful move. That efficiency saves your company money and increases profitability.

2. Improve workplace safety

If you’ve ever seen or been part of a large-scale move that didn’t have the right rigging equipment for the job, you know firsthand how unsafe these moves can be. Workers are often put in unnecessary danger because they’re forced to use their own strength or insufficient equipment to do tasks better suited for rigging services and tools. Choosing a rigging solution that fits your application is the smart choice.

3. Avoid potential equipment damage

When moving large machinery or other loads without the right heavy rigging equipment, you risk damaging the important items you’re trying to move. Rather than cram that large CNC machine onto a makeshift device and hope you can successfully navigate it through a busy warehouse without running into other machines, shelves or walls, choose heavy duty rigging dollies designed for your specific applications. Opt for the load heights and capacities that will allow you to safely and smoothly move key pieces of equipment over a range of flooring surfaces.

Different Types of Rigging Hardware 

GKS offers industrial rigging skates, jacks and dollies that help you successfully transport large loads within industrial spaces. Each of these tools has a key role in the process as jacks lift items off the ground and onto a skate or dolly so they can be moved. In addition to skates, jacks and dollies manufactured by GKS, other items commonly used in industrial rigging applications include hooks, pulleys, blocks, shackles and bolts. These tools are used to lift and secure loads, further facilitating a safe moving process.

How to Set Up Rigging Equipment 

When using a hydraulic jack, begin by tilting the jack onto its wheels, moving it next to your load, and adjust the toe of the jack to a height where it can be placed underneath the load. Make sure the jack’s feet are pointed forward to ensure stability. This will set you up to begin lifting the load and beginning your move.

Once lifted off the ground continue your move with our industrial dollies. These are set up in a three- or four-point system, allowing you to roll the load across your space. For three-point applications, first place your following dollies at the rear corners of the load, then set up your lead skate or dolly at the front of the load, centered. Together they form a triangle that allows for a stable move. We also have four-point systems which include a second dolly on the front end of the load, creating a square or rectangular system. Contrary to popular belief the three-point system is actually more stable than the four- point system.

How to Safely & Correctly Use Rigging Equipment

Setting up the right heavy rigging equipment is imperative to job safety. If your rigging application requires lifting 20 tons, for example, confirm that any jack setup you use is able to lift that amount. Also make sure that your rigging equipment can be securely transported across your facility’s flooring.

Prior to starting the move, all rigging equipment must be inspected to ensure it’s in proper working order. On moving day, make sure that only qualified personnel who are properly trained on the proper use of your rigging equipment conduct the move. 

Need help choosing the best heavy rigging equipment for your application?

Contact our team to learn about GKS heavy-duty equipment and to find the solution for your rigging needs.

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