Set Load Capacity 88,000 lbs (40 tons)
Loading Height 9.8" (250 mm)
Speed Min: 10 ft/min Max: 20 ft/min
Dimensions LxWxH 68.6 x 45.4 x 9.8"
  1742 x 1153 x 250 mm
Battery Type Li-Polymer
Battery Life 4-6 hours
Weight 1014 lbs (460 kg)
Item Number 14007
F Dolly Dimensions  
Contact Surface per Cassette 11 x 8.7" (280 x 220 mm)
Adjustable Connecting Rod 1.4' - 5.3' (440 - 1600 mm)
F-Dolly Weight PA:220lbs (100kg) / PUR:300lbs (136kg)
Warranty 2 years / 900 hours

Robot 40

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Key Features

• Powered by a long-lasting lithium-polymer battery

• Remote control that allows for both simultaneous steering and driving

• Can move up to 20 ft/min

• Loading height of 9.8"

• 2 year/900 hour warranty

Competitive Edge

• No cords to deal with

• No exhaust from propane- able to be used more places

• Remote control allows you to be your own spotter

• Less manpower needed overall to move the load

• No need for a towing device

• Optional: Lift table to lift the load directly from the ROBOT

• Optional: Straight line driving function to keep ROBOT moving perfectly straight

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Product Description



Move heavy loads up to 88,000 lbs./40 tons safely and autonomously with our Remote-Operated Battery-Operated Transport system the GKS-PERFEKT ROBOT 40

• Lithium-Polymer battery technology which allows for autonomous transport without external energy sources (electricity, hydraulics, air)

• Clear transport driveway for increased safety (no hydraulic or pneumatic hoses or power cords are blocking the driveway)

• Simultaneous steering and driving

• Secure positioning of the ROBOT 40 from the distance by the remote control

• Battery packs are exchangeable at the front of the dolly during operation

• No need for any towing device

• Low loading height of 9.8"/250 mm

• Max. load capacity is 88,000 lbs./40 tons.

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