Set Load Capacity 88,000 lbs (40 tons)
Loading Height 9.8" (250 mm)
Speed Min: 10 ft/min Max: 20 ft/min
Dimensions LxWxH 68.6 x 45.4 x 9.8"
  1742 x 1153 x 250 mm
Battery Type Li-Polymer
Battery Life 60-90 min. (Dependent Upon Use)
Weight 1014 lbs (460 kg)
Item Number 14007
F Dolly Dimensions  
Contact Surface per Cassette 11 x 8.7" (280 x 220 mm)
Adjustable Connecting Rod 1.4' - 5.3' (440 - 1600 mm)
F-Dolly Weight PA:220lbs (100kg) / PUR:300lbs (136kg)
Warranty 2 years / 900 hours

Robot 40

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Key Features

• Powered by a long-lasting lithium-polymer battery

• Remote control that allows for both simultaneous steering and driving

• Can move up to 20 ft/min

• Loading height of 9.8"

Competitive Edge

• No cords to deal with

• No exhaust from propane- able to be used more places

• Remote control allows you to be your own spotter

• Less manpower needed overall to move the load

• No need for a towing device

• Optional: Lift table to lift the load directly from the ROBOT

• Optional: Straight line driving function to keep ROBOT moving perfectly straight

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Product Description



Move heavy loads up to 88,000 lbs./40 tons safely and autonomously with our Remote-Operated Battery-Operated Transport system the GKS-PERFEKT ROBOT 40

Lithium-Polymer battery technology which allows for autonomous transport without external energy sources (electricity, hydraulics, air)

Clear transport driveway for increased safety (no hydraulic or pneumatic hoses or power cords are blocking the driveway)

Simultaneous steering and driving

Secure positioning of the ROBOT 40 from the distance by the remote control

Battery packs are exchangeable at the front of the dolly during operation

No need for any towing device

Low loading height of 9.8"/250 mm

Max. load capacity is 88,000 lbs./40 tons.

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