A Robot Revolution: The GKS Robot Transport System

There’s a revolution happening on the shop floor, and the GKS Robot is the ringleader.


The heavy-duty world of material handling is changing – for the better. Thanks to advanced miniaturization and battery technology, GKS Perfekt offers you the Robot: the world’s first remote-operated battery-operated transport system for heavy industrial loads.

The Revolutionary GKS Robot

The GKS Robot is a rechargeable, battery-powered remote dolly. Its twin rechargeable 24V/60Ah batteries power two compact electric motors. Despite a low profile and light weight, the Robot-40’s extreme precision and heavy-duty steel construction allow it to securely carry an astonishing 88,000 pounds at up to 20 feet per second.

And it all happens by remote control.

That means a single operator can safely move extremely large and heavy loads within your facility whenever – and wherever – necessary. Movement of even the largest item becomes swift, silent and smooth. Productivity and speed increase, while also improving worker safety. With a motorized dolly, workers can stay a safe distance from the load.

Incredible Ease

A hallmark of the Robot-20 and Robot-40 models is their amazing ease of use. The remote control features a speed range selector (10-foot min. or 20-foot min.), and the operator has fine and absolute control within the selected range. Directional control (steering) is equally precise, making it a more precise alternative to devices like the Traksporter.

Battery packs are replaceable while the unit is fully loaded. Fully-charged lightweight lithium polymer batteries last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on payload and usage. A full charge takes approximately 12 hours with the included charger. A 4-hour quick charger is available at extra cost. Extra batteries can be carried on the load and cabled to power the unit for extended operation.

If continuous operation within a defined space is required, the Robot can be attached via cable to an external power source through use of an optional on-board power transformer.

Low-profile and remote-control operation allow the Robot to access loads in extremely tight spaces where other material handling solutions fear to tread.

Building on Strength

The Robot is truly a breakthrough, but GKS is not new to breakthroughs. GKS was born in the precision machine shops of Germany, and has held close to the vision of its founder, Georg Kramp. Since 1971, they’ve been providing hydraulic jacks, lifts and dollies to heavy industry.

That dedication to precision shows through every aspect of the Robot. The chassis is built with ruggedness and precision, and the bearings are specially-machined for this purpose. The rollers have the ideal mix of traction and capacity. All basic components have been proven in GKS’s trolleys, dollies and toe-jacks on factory floors around the world.

It’s on that strong basis that GKS builds the Robot series. The high-tech aspects of the Robot would be useless without a strong foundation.

GKS is fully certified in the ISO 9001:2008 standard to provide true quality products.

Welcome to the Future

The GKS Robot revolutionizes material handling. Contact GKS today to arrange a demonstration of how the Robot-20 or Robot-40 can bring the revolution to your shop floor.