Electric Pumps


  • Pe Electric
  • Pe2 Electric
  • Pe4 Electric
Item Number 10199 13591 13592
Max. working pressure 7,542 psi / 520 bar 7,542 psi/ 520 bar 7,542 psi/ 520 bar


The GKS-PERFEKT electric pumps are designed for users who don't want to bother with a hand pump and want to decrease the overall effort of lifting with our hydraulic toe jacks. We offer three different models of our electric pumps, with the PE being the base model. The PE electric pump allows for the simultaneous operation of two GKS toe jacks. The PE2 electric pump has the same features of the PE pump, but includes an adaptor that allows the user to determine the hydraulic pressure that goes in either of the 2 hoses, allowing for easier lifting of unbalanced loads. Lastly, the PE4 is the same concept of the PE2, but has the ability to operate 4 hydraulic jacks and adjusting the hydraulic pressure on each of them.

Configuration: Pump and 2 or 4 hydraulic hoses with non-drip quick release fastemer, remote control, gauge and 2/2 directional control valve for single-acting cylinders. Working pressure is set to match toe jack model. Standard: 7,542 psi/ 520 bar, V30-EX: 6,237 psi / 430 bar. Adjustable up to max. 10,153 psi / 700 bar to operate high-pressure hydraulic equipment.

Options: Four-fold distributor with shut-off valves, extended hydraulic hoses. Other delivery rates or tank capacities are available on request.