Standard Rollers

Our Rollers

GKS-PERFEKT rollers are all coated in either polyamide, polyurethane, or steel. We test, among other things, the rolling resistance of the rollers under carious loads and resistance to check for wear and impact. After years of development and continuous improvement, the GKS-Alperfekt wheels are not only able to handle heavy loads, but can move and turn effortlessly while doing so.

Roller types include:

GKS-Alperfekt- Our standard black wheel, made of a high grade polyamide which allows for high capacity while rolling effortlessly. Contains an aluminum core with gripping teeth to ensure long life. Found on dollies with a loading height of 4.3''.

GKS-Alperfekt Premium- Our standard white wheel, which has the same benefits as our standard rollers, but is made of a polymide blend that enables the wheel to carry more capcity than our black rollers. Found on dollies with a loading height of 4.3''.

GKS-Alperfekt Premium G- Designed for dollies with a 7.1'' loading height, these bigger wheels are used where the load capacity gets beyond what our standard rollers can handle. The special alumnium alloy core ball bearings allow for the rollers, and the dolly, to have a higher capacity while maintaing manuverability. 

GKS-Alperfekt PUR- This type of roller is coated in polyurethane to prevent marking on super sensitive floors, without sacrificing the high capacity and durability of our standard rollers. 

GKS-Alperfekt Steel- These steel rollers are recommended for when our dollies are being used in high temperature applications, such as steel mills.