Dimensions 3.35’’x 3.35’’/85 mm x 85 mm
  5.51’’ x 3.35’’/140 mm x 85 mm
Weight 6.5 lbs
  18 lbs
Material Steel
Models used with (3.35’’): F/L 3, 6, 9, 12, 18; TL 6, 12; F/TL-c 6, 12; RL 2, 4, 4W, 6
  (5.51’’): F/L 20, 30, 40, 60; TL 20, 40, 60, F/TL-c 20, 40; RL 12


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Key Features

• Constructed of steel for maximum durability

• Special ball bearings to allow for easy moving

Designed for

• Heavily contaminated floors

• High temperature settings

• Asphalt or rough flooring

• When roller durability is critical and floor protection is not a concern

Product Description

GKS-PERFEKT dollies have been moving heavy loads with ease for over 50 years. You can ask anyone: from riggers to machine shops, from nuclear power plants to laboratories, the core feature to any machine dolly are the rollers—it’s what bears the brunt of the weight, and it’s what keeps things moving!

All of our rollers are designed to handle high capacities while maintaining a low rolling resistance, meaning it takes less force to move heavy loads on our transport dollies, rotating dollies, and container dollies.

Steel rollers are designed for applications where the user needs a tougher roller and doesn’t care about floor protection. A good example of this is moving machines on asphalt parking lots. Steel is also a good option if the user is working in a high temperature environment, like a steel mill. Polyamide might melt in those conditions, but a steel roller will not.

If you think steel rollers are a good fit for your application, reach out to us today!