Nickel-plated Hydraulic Toe Jacks

GKS-PERFEKT Nickel-Plated Hydraulic Toe Jacks provide years of reliable, robust lifting service in clean-room applications, such as food processing, electronics, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals and chip manufacturing.

Designed and constructed with the highest attention to durability, our hydraulic tow jacks are available in sizes designed to suit the wide range of load capacity needs. These load capacities can be doubled when a toe jack is operated in tandem with a second Nickel-Plated Hydraulic Toe Jack through an external GKS PV Hand Pump.

To assure optimal functionality and appearance, 100 percent of our heavy duty jacks pass a thorough testing and approval process before leaving the factory. They meet Testmark BGV D8 (Germany) and ANSI/ASME (USA) standards.

GKS-PERFEKT Nickel-Plated Hydraulic Toe Jacks arrive to customers ready to use. They are a practical device for multi-purpose lifting applications of heavy loads in clean-room environments.

They are designed to bear the full load capacity on the toe and top plate. A release valve allows loads to be lowered precisely and carefully. And for overload protection, the Hydraulic Toe Jack features a safety valve. 

Other features of GKS-PERFEKT Hydraulic Toe Jacks include:

  • High-grade materials
  • Precision guideways
  • Our well-proven, one-piece, height-adjustable safety toe designed and manufactured to a high safety margin, covered by a five-year warranty
  • Modular design to allow easy service
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Wheels that facilitate easy rolling

As an accredited company under the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, our manufacturing process requires state-of-the-art production methods that enable us to achieve consistently high quality. Every single jack and dolly passes through a sequence of tests before it is delivered and comes with a test report and label indicating the date for its next inspection. 

Our Nickel-plated Hydraulic Toe Jacks are covered by a five-year limited warranty and arrive ready for use.

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  • V5 hydraulic
    toe jack
  • V10 hydraulic
    toe jack

Load Capacity 11,000 LBS 22,000 LBS
Stroke 5.5" 6.2"
Loading Height Toe (min) 0.6"
Toe (max) 5.7"
Top Plate 10"
Toe (min) 0.8"
Toe (max) 6.9"
Top Plate 12.2"
Lift Toe Positions 3 4
Working Pressure 7,540 psi 7,540 psi
Base Area LXW 10.2"x8.3" 12.6"x9.5"
Weight 46 lbs 70 lbs
Article No. 10181 10182