F2 Transport Dolly

Load Capacity 4,400 lbs (2 t) /20kN
Contact surface per cassette 5.5 - 4.7"
  140 x 120 mm
Swivel Plate / Steering Angle -
Loading Height 4.0" (100 mm)
Roller amount / Size 3.3x3.3" 4 / 75x66 mm (3 x 2.6")
Steering Handlebar -
Connecting bar, adjustable 9.5 - 39.3"
  240 - 1000 mm
Dimensions LxW 7.0 x 9.4 to 39.3"
  180 x 240-1000 mm
Weight 27 lbs (12 kg)
Item Number 10204
Total Load Capacity per Set F2 + L2: 8,800 lbs (4 tons)

Moving Heavy Loads

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How to Use GKS Transport Dollies


Key Features

• Extremely low loading height (4.0")

• Connecting bar included with purchase

• Width is adjustable based on the load

• Durable, non-marking rollers

• 5 year warranty

Competitive Edge

• Thick, grooved rubber pads to prevent load slippage

• Simplified Design—less parts, less problems

• Next day lead time

Product Description

Make a wise investment in three-point moving systems.

The GKS-Perfekt F2 transport dolly is designed as part of a stable, three-point system for effortless moving of all kinds of heavy loads in manufacturing facilities, shops and warehouses. Our F-Dollies are straight-line dollies that serve as the stable rear axle of load-moving systems. They can be used in combination with:


The F2 is a width-adjustable dolly, able to transport loads up to 4,400 lbs. (2 metric tons) and has a fixed loading height of 4” / 100 mm. The F2’s connecting bar can be adjusted to distribute weight and fit under heavy loads with varying widths. When used in combination with our steerable L dollies, they can carry up to 8,800 lbs. (4 metric tons). Because of its low-profile frame, this transport dolly keeps loads close to the ground for a safe, low center of gravity and low head clearance. Our three-point dolly system is designed to not slip out, even under pulling and tugging forces.

Like all GKS-Perfekt dollies, the F2 features rollers that will not mark floors and will still provide low rolling resistance and high stability. The F2 dolly is available in a nickel-plated version for clean room use in industry sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals and chemical processing.

All GKS-Perfekt products come with a five-year limited warranty and have been tested before delivery to meet our high standards of quality and performance.

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