Nickel-plated Dollies

all of our dollies can be nickel plated upon request.


Nickel-Plated GKS-PERFEKT Dollies provide a stable solution for clean-room environments. These dollies move heavy loads effortlessly, thanks to our special GKS rollers, which roll with minimal resistance for optimal stability, while leaving no marks on floors. We test their performance under load, abrasion and shock.

Our nickel-plated dollies are well suited to the material-handling requirements of clean rooms, including those in chip manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals and chemical-processing operations.

As with our standard line of dollies, GKS-PERFEKT Nickel-Plated Dollies are available to support a wide range of lifting needs:

F-Dollies – These straight-line dollies serve as the rear axle of load-moving systems. The F-Dolly features a connection bar that can be adjusted to distribute weight and fit under heavy loads of a wide range of widths. 

L-Dollies – These feature a swivel top and tow eye that offer support to optimize safe, stable front steering of load-moving systems.  

TL-Dollies- Dollies that serve the same functions as L-dollies but have 2 swivel plates instead of one, providing an additional point of contact for the load.

Container Dollies- Designed to help move ISO containers in clean room applications, our container dollies have a special twist lock capability that ensures the stability of the load. 

Twinlifter Dolly- Our special jack and dolly combination for bulky, unusual loads.

Machined and finished using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, our Nickel-Plated Dollies feature an accurately welded, distortion-free structure that provides optimal stability. The dollies’ low-profile design keeps loads close to the ground for a safe, low center of gravity and low head clearance. And our dolly systems are designed so that pulling and tugging forces will not cause the dollies to slip out from under a load. Made with identical installation height, they are fully compatible with each other.

Nickel-Plated Dollies serve as an integral part of GKS-PERFEKT’s flexible system of heavy-load handling solutions. 

F-Dollies can be used with steerable L-Dollies, or:

• In combination with another F-Dolly for applications that require only forward and backward movement

• With our Rotating RL Dollies

• With our steerable Tandem TL Dollies

All GKS-PERFEKT Dollies arrive factory-approved, covered by a five-year limited warranty and ready to be put to work in your facility.  

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