Model TL6-c TL12-c
Swivel Plate / Steering Angle ∅ 6.7" (170 mm) / ± 50° ∅ 6.7" (170 mm) / ± 40°
Loading Height 7" (176 mm) 7" (176 mm)
Roller amount / Size 5.5x3.3" 8 / 85x85mm 16 / 85x85mm
Steering Handlebar 37.8" (960 mm) 42.5" (1080 mm)
Connecting bar, adjustable 19.7-45.3"(500 - 1150 mm) 26 - 39.4" (660 - 1000 mm)
Dimensions LxW - -
Weight 167 lbs. / 75 kg 344 lbs. / 155 kg
Item Number 13643 14129
Load Capacity 26,400 pounds (12 t) 52,800 pounds (24 t)

TL Container Dollies

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Stable, dependable transportation for unbalanced loads

When your operations need to be able to move intermodal containers, whether it’s a few feet or a few hundred yards, GKS-Perfekt container dollies provide a stable solution for unstable ISO container loads.

The GKS-Perfekt TL6-c and TL12-c container dollies are designed to give you all of the support features of the steerable TL dolly, as well as safe intermodal and ISO container transport. The tandem dolly set employs a four-point moving system for seamless carrying with effortless navigation.


The TL6-c has a loading height of 7 inches and a loading capacity of 12 metric tons. With 8 wheels and an adjustable width, the TL6-c utilizes a twistlock system to ensure secure transportation.


The TL12-c is an ideal option for moving extremely heavy ISO containers. The TL12-c can transport up to 24 metric tons with ease. This steerable and width adjustable dolly has a four-point system for support that ensures accurate steering and secure movement.

GKS-Perfekt Container Dollies won’t scuff or damage floors, and are available in nickel-plated versions for clean room applications. All GKS-Perfekt products are tested before delivery to ensure that each meets GKS standards of quality and performance before delivery. Our products are also insured with a five-year limited warranty.

At GKS-Perfekt, we help our customers find custom transporting solutions for their unique needs. Whether you’re moving uneven loads or dealing with clean room environments, we have the equipment you need to shuttle materials faster and easier. If you are interested in the TL6-c or TL12-c container dollies, request a quote or give us a call at 937-240-2466, and one of our expert team members will be able to assist you.