Model F6-c F12-c
Swivel Plate / Steering Angle - -
Loading Height 4.3“ / 110 mm 7“ / 176 mm
Roller amount / Size 5.5x3.3" 8 (3.3 x 3.3“) / 8 (85 x 85 mm) 16 (3.3 x 3.3“) / 16 (85 x 85 mm)
Steering Handlebar - -
Connecting bar, adjustable range 25.2 - 40.6"/ 640 - 1030 mm 39.9 - 56.3"/1014 - 1430 mm
Dimensions LxW - -
Weight 73 lbs. / 33 kg 136 lbs. / 61 kg
Item Number 13041 14130
Load Capacity 26,400 lbs. / 120 kN ( 12 t) 52800 lbs. / 240 kN ( 24 t)

F Container Dolly

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Reliable transport for heavy, irregular loads

The F series of container dollies are designed for stable movement of heavy loads in any environment. The F container dolly is a straight-line dolly, serving as the stable rear axel of a four-point moving system. Combined with fluid steering, operators can navigate up to 24 metric tons of transport without hesitation, resulting in safe and secure transport of intermodal containers.


This tandem dolly set has a moving height of 7 inches and is integrated with a twistlock system to secure over 10 metric tons of materials. With the F dolly as the backbone of the system, users can rely on a stable rear axel for consistent, steady movement.


This dolly facilitates transport of extremely heavy loads, up to 24 metric tons, with ease. With low resistance and high stability, users can navigate any shipping environment seamlessly.

All GKS dollies are equipped with rollers that prevent marking or scuffing of any floor surface. We also offer all of our dollies in nickel-plated forms for use in clean rooms in industries like food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

We believe in our moving solutions. We test each of our dollies before they are shipped to ensure they meet our unsurpassed standards of quality. Also, each of our dollies is insured with a five-year limited warranty.

Uneven surfaces, heavy loads, and clean room environments can typically pose challenges when transporting ISO containers. At GKS, we provide our clients custom transportation solutions that help them overcome any transporting obstacles for safe and secure moving. If you’re interested in the F6-c, F6-p, or F12-c dollies, or you are looking to optimize your ISO container transport processes, request a quote or give us a call at 937-240-2466, and one of our expert team members will be able to assist you.