Made in Germany, Invested in North America

In 1967, our founder, Georg Kramp, started the GKS-PERFEKT brand in Stuttgart, Germany. The name GKS-PERFEKT symbolizes where we came from and what we stand for, with ‘GKS’ representing our origins (Georg Kramp Stuttgart), and ‘PERFEKT’ meaning that we strive for perfection with all of our toe jacks and dollies.

Originally, GKS-PERFEKT started out as a trading house, dealing in machine tools. Georg found that it was difficult to move and lift the machines they developed becuase they sat directly on the floor, which prompted Georg to start tinkering with a toe jack that could lift machines off the ground safely and efficently. The first toe jack that he developed could lift machines off of the ground starting at 15 mm, the same loading height of our V5 toe jack to this very day. They were only meant for personal use at first, but customers got a look at the specialty jack when they got to see it in action at the GKS showroom. Soon enough, the custom toe jacks became available to customers, and the rest is history. 

In 2005, GKS-PERFEKT formed an office in Springfield, Ohio that would be more responsive and better serve our customers in North and South America. With Folker Hemmann as General Manager leading the charge, GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions LLC was born.

With GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions, you get the best of both worlds— we offer products of quality engineering and manufacturing that are from Germany, with the responsiveness and customer service of a company located in America. We pride ourselves in being a German company that has invested in America and Canada to not only grow our business, but to help others grow as well.

Here at GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions, we follow three main tenants:


We pride ourselves in being a company that helps others find the right moving solutions for them, not a company that simply sells products. It’s our belief that if we upsell you on something you wouldn’t benefit from, you won’t feel good about the purchase and you’ll look elsewhere. We want to earn your business consistently by demonstrating that we are here to help with your heavy moving needs, and that’s something GKS-PERFEKT has been doing for over 50 years. As a result, our hydraulic toe jacks and dollies are moving heavy loads effortlessly around the world.


At GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions, we understand that when you are asking about one of our jacks or dollies, that you’re calling for something that you need, and the quicker that you can get it, the better. That’s why we warehouse here in the United States and pride ourselves in having a lead time of next day for our best-selling toe jacks and dollies.When you call in, you're not going to get an automated menu asking you to choose from the following options-- you'll get one of our friendly sales staff right away. 


We’re a premium product, and you can expect premium quality in return. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing methods adhere to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standards, demonstrating our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Every jack and dolly that we sell is tested and thoroughly inspected before it is shipped out, and comes with a test report, assuring you that our product will deliver. In addition, all of our GKS-PERFEKT products come with an extensive warranty—we stand by our products, and if there is a failure through normal use, we are prepared to make it right.

Trust. Responsiveness. Quality. This is what you can expect from GKS Lifting and Moving Solutions.